About Us

Covid-19 Update:

Our Healing Partners are now accepting appointments for Hair, Massage, Reiki, and other one-on-one sessions. Please click on the tab for Healing Partners for contact info to book an appointment or for more information. If you just need general information feel free to email us. Group classes and workshops will resume at a later date.

Current Safety Guidelines for your Appointment at Sozo:

  • Please do not bring any one along to your appointment who is not receiving a service if possible.
  • If you arrive early, please wait in your car and let your service provider know you have arrived by calling or texting.
  • Upon entering, please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.
  • If possible, please wear a mask while interacting with your service provider face to face. We do not expect you to wear a mask while receiving a treatment.

What Does Sozo Mean?

Sozo is a small word with huge implications! It is a Greek word that translates as “Saves” or “To Save”. In it’s fullest form it means to Heal, Restore, Preserve, and Make Whole. Our mission at Sozo Healing House is for you to be made whole…mind, body, and soul.

Here at Sozo Healing House we have created a “home” that you can utilize as a resource center for many different natural healing modalities. Our Healing Partners are all in alignment with our vision of bringing you the knowledge and the guidance you are looking for on your path to complete wellness.

Workshops & Events

Conscious Healing Co-Op : Yoga and Meditation Schedule (Class cancelled until further notice)

Mondays 6:15-7:45pm

Yoga Nidra infused with crystals. Depending on the subject, there will be a new intention set, with a new crystal grid to lie around. Each guest will have a Selentite Wand laid on their chest or belly to help with the intention and energy release as well as a choice of crystal to take with them for their intention setting.

Registration is not mandatory, just show up. If you would like to pre-register before-hand: please email your name and number to annapalechek1970@gmail.com
We are asking for a much-appreciated donation of 10.00 per person at the door. Cash or Venmo accepted

Wealth and Wellness Series featuring Dr. Keshia Tate (Postponed until further notice)

Saturday March 21st – Free to attend RSVP HERE 3-4pm Book Signing and Networking 4-6pm Presentation by Dr. Tate

About Dr. Keshia Tate:
After 20+ years of working in Corporate America and as a successful Entrepreneur and Real Estate mogul, Dr. Tate responded to the call to become a healer at the tender age of 44. She was in a near fatal car accident and walked through the decline of her own mother’s health and ultimate demise. Dr. Tate witnessed first hand, the multitude of disparities, inconsistencies, and inequalities in our current health care system and decided to answer a clear call to duty.

Her success in Corporate America came from a passion for excellence and a rare gift for strategic execution. This trait is often found in the DNA of champions. Dr. Tate’s journey began by first reviewing her own experiences, then that of her friends and family. Committed to finding real solutions for not just herself, but society at large; the science, positive outcomes and the common sense approach of Naturopathic Medicine represented truth and continuity in the world of healing that she was seeking.

After graduating from medical school, Dr. Tate’s mission has been to combine the science of medicine with knowledge gained from her tenure in Corporate America with solid strategies and the best practices of a successful entrepreneur.

This rare combination of experiences and education has allowed her to innovate and blaze new trails and successful outcomes in the healthcare industry. For her patients, she applies knowledge, solutions, and accountability for optimal health and wellness. For other physicians, she brings applied wealth strategies while advancing the business of medicine for the benefit of all.

Dr. Tate empowers people to take control of their health, while increasing their wealth. Many people “live for the day” and don’t save or plan for future health problems. As the average lifespan is prolonged, we need more money and better health to last those extra years. By taking the right steps we can protect ourselves from common health and money problems down the road.

Dr. Keshia Tate is the very definition of a doctor-preneur.

New Moon Cacao Ceremony – Shamanic Vibrational Journey (Cancelled for this month)

Sunday March 22nd 6:30-8:30pm $16 presale / $26 @ door PayPal/ Venmo : jspicer1285@gmail.com
Click HERE for additional information and the health benefits of Cacao
Jenna Ma Shakti creates a sacred experience for the Mind-Body-Spirit that utilizes the power of your consciousness, the sensations of your body, the energy of your breath and the vibrations of sound; enhancing your connection to energy, intuition and spirit; creating a greater awareness, deeper understanding of your Self and personal growth.

Become entranced by sounds, movement and waves of vibration~> feel the rhythm of your breath and heartbeat, see the visions of your mind~> while you connect to your multidimensional Self, intuitive gifts and natural state of flow~> journeying into new dimensions of your Truth.

We gather together in circle, to co-create a collective intention for deeper wholistic healing, for the greatest good of all, while Jenna Ma Shakti leads a prayerful collective intention. While in circle, you also have the option to use Divination cards for intuitive insight, spiritual guidance and personal intentions. The Shamanic Sound Journey is enhanced through Reiki energy, essential oils and crystals.

The Guided Meditation may include mindfulness of sensations, visualization of light and colors, the Elements, Earth, Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars, Galaxies and other dimensions; your personally created “safe place”; as well as connecting to your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and Ancestors.

After the journey a closing circle will complete the experience.