Brian Haretuku

Independent Healing Partner – LMT (Massage Therapist)

My journey for Natural Healing started way back when I was 5 years old. My mom would pay me to massage her legs and feet after her late night shift at work. She chose me out of the other 9 siblings because I had a gift for it, and I got really good. 

I was born in Washington state and Raised in American Samoa. After high school I joined the Army and was stationed in Germany. Was deployed for 1 year in Iraq. Upon my return from the military I went to the Dominican Republic to serve 2 years for a Church Mission. I was always finding ways to serve others!

I arrived in Arizona in 2009, attended MMI completed the Honda mechanic program , but after realizing that was not my passion I shifted gears to pursue my Massage license.  I then enrolled at Arizona School of Massage Therapy. After graduating I took their Masters program for more Advanced techniques, and got fully licensed in 2011.

My passion grew more for Holistic well-being so I took my studies even further. In August of 2011 I received my Reiki Master Practitioner Certification. I went on to attended SWIHA (Southwest Institute of Healing Arts) where I completed my Yoga Instructor Training, Hypno Therapy and Holistic Nutrition certifications. In 2014 I became a Healthy Cooking Coach, and now teach in home Dinner presentations to qualified Couples on how to cook and eat healthier. 

Massage Therapy remains my first love because I am able to incorporate my other trainings into my massage! I am versed in many different Massage modalities such as Cranial Sacral, Trigger point, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Massage, Prenatal, Postnatal, Reflexology etc. My focus is to create a safe healing space and to promote circulation in the body, as well as, relieve stress and educate the client on what’s going on in their body. Listening and responding to the bodies muscles, energies and flow. After each session you’ll feel relaxed and relieved of some stiffness that was present, increased range of motion and less stressed to go about your day. You’ll leave much more aware and educated on ways you can better your overall health. 

Took book an appointment call or text 480-343-2599

Massage Pricing:

$70.00 for 60min Massage 

$130.00 for 2hour Massage

$190.00 for Prepaid package of 3 Massages