Claudia Rubio

Life is  a beautiful path that can surprise us in many ways! After all, we all came with just one purpose: “To master lessons”, by playing the roles needed to succeed. I have played several roles, and magically, each one of them has led me to the other…. I am a Colombian Actor, Photographer, and Teacher. However, throughout my journey, the real magic started to happen about  7 years ago when discovering the path of awakening led me to understand, study, master and practice some of the most beautiful healing modalities: Biomagnetic Pair, Bioenergy, Meditation  and Reiki!   

**** Biomagnetic- Pair, also called Medical Biomagnetism, is a natural therapy that proposes diagnosing and treating a large number of illnesses through the use of pairs of magnets of medium intensity that seek to equalize the organism’s pH level . 

The food we eat, the air we breath, the water  we drink make our body acidic : – Perfect home for all Viruses and bacteria  and other pathogens to survive- Biomagnetic Pair therapy NEUTRALIZES the body PH with the use of magnets of medium intensity. After a  full scan of the body is performed, the therapist will impact those areas where viruses or bacteria are present by neutralizing  the area where they reside. Once the body reaches its Neutral PH, it starts to heal. 

According to medical biomagnetism, a large number of illnesses, including cancer and many other complex diseases, are associated with fundamental alterations in the pH level in the internal organs and with the presence of viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, toxins, and other harmful factors. The development of illnesses  such as Cancer, STD’s, Diabetes, Thyroid, Aids, allergies, to name a few, cannot happen with a balanced pH level.  ***NO VIRUS can live in a Neutral environment !***  NONE.  

***** Bioenergy medicine is a more advanced therapy that helps the patient at their energy level.  “E-motions” is energy in motion/ movement. More than 50% of illnesses start  with a trapped emotion. The therapist helps to harness or manipulate a patient’s subtle energy in order to help restore the body’s balance and improve the body’s ability to heal. 

***** Reiki is the most gentle but powerful healing modality. The Universal Energy. The energy of love that  is transmitted to the patient through the imposition of the Reiki practitioner’s  hands. The Reiki energy goes where the patient needs it the most. The Reiki practitioner, while in a  Neutral state,  allows the Reiki energy to travel and be passed to the patient, creating healing where needed the most.  

***** Meditation is the art of mastering living in the moment with the help of special techniques and tools to quiet the mind.  

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