Olivia Veloso

Independent Healing Partner -Reiki Master

Olivia is a pioneer, one of the 11 western Reiki Master’s to travel to Japan in the
year 2000, and who brought Gendai Reiki Ho to the west. Gendai Reiki Ho is directly
linked to Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, the original school established in Japan in 1922 by
the founder of Reiki, Usui Mikao, and is the only Reiki method recognized by the
Japanese government.

Veloso was one of the five main organizers of the event: Usui Reiki Ryoho
International (year three) better known as URRI, held in Madrid, Spain in 2001. They
were the first to invite Japanese Masters to teach in Europe and had thus contributed to
spreading the truth and correct use of the original reiki system. She is highly
experienced at organizing and coordinating international events. 2020 not only marks her 20th year anniversary as a Gendai Shihan, she celebrates 25 years since her first master certification, and 27 years giving treatments. A certified Master in 8 different systems of Reiki, she trained under distinguished teachers: Jan Clark, Antonio Moraga, Hiroshi Doi Sensei, Fuminori Aoki Sensei, Noriko Ogawa Sensei, Phyllis Furumoto, and Tom Rigler. Olivia has been teaching abroad for 20 years and is also a qualified therapist in other holistic fields.

Born in the Philippines in 1956, she moved and lived in Spain since her early teens. She
married and has since been living in Chandler, Arizona for thirteen years. Olivia continues to
teach Reiki in Spain, Australia, the Philippines, in Arizona and in other states in the U.S.A.
Author of the book On the Wings of Manifestations, Olivia shares inspirational and miraculous stories about her Guardian Angel, and the key to allow everything we
want to flow into our experience.  Her recently launched title, Wherever You Take Me,
provides detailed information and evidence of how we can transform to a better version
of ourselves and the life we live.  

Reiki Master, Author, Intuitive reader and life coach, you will find Olivia to be one
of the most down-to-earth Reiki Master/teacher you will meet, for she blends spirituality together with our reality. Close to three decades of experience and dedication to helping and guiding others is clear evidence of her love and passion for her Reiki practice. Working with positive enthusiasm and compassion, she encourages all those who seek to transform and improve their lives through Reiki and through her stories

Usui Mikao >> Kanichi Taketomi >>Kimiko Koyama >> Hiroshi Doi >> Olivia Veloso
The first three Masters had been members and leaders of the original school in Japan.
Hiroshi Doi Sensei continues to be a member of this society.
Hiroshi Doi >> Olivia Veloso >> My students
Member of the Gendai Reiki Healing Association & Gendai Reiki Network – International

We create our own reality and the law of attraction does exist, so knowing in
advance what we are attracting to ourselves can be very helpful.
Olivia’s readings are based on her interpretation of your aura/vibration, while at
the same time she channels information from Spirit and our angels. Whether you are in
the middle of an unwanted situation or a challenge is on the way to you, time spent with
her is more likely to turn into a one-on-one mini coaching session where she clarifies
how and why you have attracted the situation you are in, and what is ready to manifest
in any given moment. We all have the power of choice and free will and you can rely on
Olivia to share with you the guidance and solutions that she channels during your
reading to improve the outcome and altogether avoid difficulties that have still to unfold.
If you are on the right track, she can guide you as to how you can maximize your

Olivia also offers private Reiki treatments and will be happy to hear from you to
answer any of your doubts or questions.
To book for a Reading, Reiki Treatment, a coaching session, Reiki class or a Workshop
and for more information…

Call: 480.471.5891 or 480.266.4575 Email: ochiong@hotmail.com Find her on facebook: Olivia Veloso and Olivia Veloso – Reiki Master