Rachel Srinivasan

Independent Healing Partner – Reiki Master

Rachel Srinivasan hails from Omaha Nebraska. Both of Rachel’s parents have extensive medical backgrounds as her mom is a nurse and her father was a medical physicist.  Rachel Srinivasan moved to Arizona to study at ASU. She later discovered Reiki years later after a trip to Sedona with a friend. Shortly after, she enrolled in the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts where she studied traditional Reiki practiced and passed down from Dr. Usui’s teachings and eventually brought to Arizona by Phyllis Lei Furumoto. Rachel Srinivasan studied directly under renowned Reiki Master Teachers and energy healers Lisa Saylan, Astarius Miraculi and Ann Cabano. Reiki is a complete system of holistic energy healing and personal development using spiritually directed life force energy. Reiki treats health issues from their energetic core and also treats symptoms.  Reiki also reduces harmful side effects of medications or assist in accelerated healing after medical procedures. Rachel participates in Reiki events throughout the valley, has a small private practice, and continues to develop her medical intuitive skills.

Contact Rachel: 402-680-3296 or rgode6@hotmail.com